Sunday, March 20, 2016

Welcome Back! I hope that everyone had a restful holiday. With Spring officially here, the school yard is guaranteed to be wet and muddy for the next little while. Please consider sending your child with boots and an extra pair of socks and pants in their bag for a quick change if needed. 
As the weather warms up we will be starting to think about planting and there are a few items we would love to have donated for our classroom garden project. We are looking to use recycled items as planters. Some items that will be helpful are 2L milk and juice containers, old plant pots and large tin cans that have been cleaned out. All expert or simply enthusiastic gardeners out there are welcome to share their ideas, suggestions and seeds with us!

This week we will be focusing on the Easter Story and continuing to pray the Rosary as a class. Students are very excited to share their hand crafted Rosary beads with you next weekend.

Our Math focus will be shifting to measurement again. Students will get a chance to explore mass and capacity. We encourage you to talk to them about the different measurement tools that you have at home for measuring. Having your child help with a recipe or measure out and keep track of the milk or water they drink each day will provide real life experiences to help consolidate what we are learning in school.

In Language this week we will explore verbs and continue to practice reading responses.

It will be a short, but busy week! 

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