Wednesday, January 20, 2016

PD Day on Friday!

With the cold weather outside, we are working harder than ever inside the classroom! Students have been exploring multiplication and division over the past few weeks and testing out different strategies for solving problems. One of the tools we have discovered is called an array. Students have been organizing items into arrays and learning that they can find arrays all over the place. 

At Home Challenge
This week you can challenge your child to explain what an array is. Toss out a handful of buttons or toothpicks or the peas on their dinner plate. Use anything you might have and ask them to organize the items into an array.

Can they use that array to create a multiplication or division sentence? 

We have also been chanting the times tables to help us memorize them and make us more efficient. See if your child can use the anchor chart below to keep the rhythm and teach you the chant for the four and five times tables.

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