Friday, January 29, 2016

We are on Twitter now!

We have activated our Twitter account and will be tweeting out samples of our work regularly. Follow us @mrsbuccino to see what we are up to!

Last week we challenged the rest of the school to Rethink Waste. Check out one of the ways that we rethink waste in our classroom.

This week we will be focusing on persuasive writing. Next time your child asks you for something at home, make sure you demand a strong argument with evidence as to why they deserve it :)

In math we will be diving into 2D Geometry and learning more about 2D Shapes. The anchor chart below highlights the number of sides and vertices (points) for different shapes. A great plan for home this week would be to go on a shape hunt around your house and look for examples of the different shapes.

2-D Shapes Anchor Chart:

This Friday the class has earned a Tech Block with their Dojo points. Please only send technology if you are comfortable with doing so. We will have technology here that your child can use if they do not bring in something from home. We can not be responsible for any lost or broken technology so please have a serious talk with your child about responsibility before sending anything to school.

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